Industry Leading Flexibility and Performance in High Throughput Patch Clamp Assays

IonFlux provides the highest degree of control over fluidics for specialized ion channel assays. With its unique microfluidic plates, IonFlux is the only system where all cell recordings and liquid exchange are performed within the plate proper. Without the hindrance of liquid handlers, the system advances high throughput ion channel experiments by providing unique attributes that permit specialized assays, impossible or impractical using other asynchronous systems:

  1. Parallel and rapid exchange of solution
  2. Continuous flow of extracellular solutions and compound throughout the whole experiment.
  3. High Quality recordings from 16 or 64 amplifier channels
  4. Available temperature control with positive feedback

The specialized characteristics related to its unique liquid exchange permits IonFlux to perform ligand binding, allosteric modulation, multiple agonists, and voltage- and temperature-sensitive assays with flexibility and ease. Complex ligand-gated assays, requiring serial exchange of solutions, can now be screened at the same speed and ease as voltage-gated assays.


The IonFlux plate design on the cover of Assay and Drug Development Technologies in 2012.

The unique fluidic design of IonFlux provides easy adaptability of difficult assays to High Throughput screening environments. Independent, single use compound conduits within the plate allow the cleanest fluid delivery process, in contrast to compound stacking where problems like cross contamination can occur.  Dose response data can be obtained as rapidly as single concentration responses, with no sacrifice in data point affordability.  

IonFlux microfluidic well plates contain an array of experimental patterns. Each pattern consists of 12 wells used to carry out an ion channel experiment. The wells are inter-connected through microfluidic channels running within the well plate. Within a pattern, two of the wells are used to control the cell trapping process, one well as an input for cells in extracellular solution and a well for waste. The remaining eight wells receive a unique compound or concentration from a dose response sequence.
IonFlux Plates Product Data Sheet

IonFlux is shaped like a plate reader, giving it perfect adaptability for automated plate handlers. With the use of industry-standard 96 or 384 well plates, standard liquid handlers and pipetters can be used to automate the plate preparation. Its minimalistic closed system structure decreases maintenance and increases reliability with only two moving parts.


IonFlux Plates come in:
Ensemble Cell format: giving the system the ability to have 20 patched cells per recording, setting the standard for consistency and throughput.
Single Cell format (F1 plates): allowing for Giga-Ohm seal recordings; ideal for cells exhibiting heterogeneous expression profiles and for detailed kinetic studies
F1 plates Product Data Sheet

IonFlux Software provides an advanced level of freedom in the design of the assay as well as the application of solutions from compound wells. Examples of this flexibility can be seen above: Compounds can be applied with gaps in between allowing for automatic washing between addition with wash length determined by the length of the gap; attached to each other to allow a staircase change in compound or concentration with no stacking; or the ability to run more than one compound at the same time with breaks in one flow to analyze instantaneous effects of another. → more information about IonFlux Software





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