NOw available for CTc and ctDNA samples!

Whether your interests are CTCs, ctDNA, or both, Fluxion has you covered!  The IsoFlux System provides high sensitivity enrichment and isolation of viable circulating tumor cells, or other rare circulating cells, from peripheral blood. Coupled with IsoFlux kits and imagers, IsoFlux delivers a complete CTC detection research solution; ideal for enumeration and protein marker detection from early-stage patients.

For molecular profiling, the IsoFlux Liquid Biopsy System enables somatic variant detection from circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and ctDNA using the latest advances in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). Coupled with Fluxion's Spotlight 59 Oncology Panel for Illumina sequencers, Fluxion delivers complete, ultra-sensivite NGS workflows for CTCs recovered by IsoFlux, as well as ctDNA isolated directly from plasma.

breakthrough liquid biopsy performance

  • High-sensitivity tumor cell capture and enrichment

  • Ideal for early cancer detection using Fluxion's Cytation Imager and Enumeration Kit

  • Tumor DNA purity above 10%

  • Validated sensitivity to 0.1% allelic frequency- for IsoFlux CTC samples as well as ctDNA

  • Spotlight 59 Oncology Panel for Illumina Sequencers



A solution designed to meet the demanding needs of your lab

  • Throughput up to 16 samples per day
  • Simple, bench-top design with touch screen
  • No external hook-ups or PC required
  • Available with IsoFlux Cytation automated imager for streamlined CTC detection
  • Reagent kits for seamless integration to enumeration, protein marker detection, and NGS molecular profiling


The IsoFlux System is about more than just capturing and counting circulating tumor cells. It is the critical link that allows genomic information from tumor cells or ctDNA to be obtained from a routine blood draw. The IsoFlux Liquid Biopsy System has become the premier platform for molecular profiling of CTCs and ctDNA:

  • High sensitivity of CTC recovery across many tumor types
  • Tumor cell purity above 10% to meet the demands of NGS
  • ERASE-Seq NGS for ultra-sensitive detection to 0.1% allele frequency
  • Consumable kits and protocols for NGS, qPCR, and immunofluorescence microscopy

Learn more about IsoFlux technology and the systems/kits available for your research.


Ultra-Sensitive NGS for CTC and ctDNA samples!

The Spotlight 59 Oncology Panel incorporates Fluxion's ultra-sensitivity ERASE-Seq sequencing method delivers the highest NGS mutation detection sensitivity available- while also eliminating false positives. The Spotlight 59 Panel is an amplicon-based, all-in-one kit optimized for Illumina sequencers. It covers hotspot and contiguous coverage of 59 tumor-associated genes, and provides detection to 0.1% allele frequency, making it the ideal solution for CTCs, ctDNA, and FFPE.


Download the Spotlight 59 Oncology Panel Data Sheet

Download the Spotlight 59 Oncology Panel Application Note

Download the NGS Kit Data Sheet (for DNA extraction/purification)


Getting started with blood-based circulating biomarker analysis has never been easier. Researchers have the option to bring the IsoFlux System into their own lab, or use Fluxion's Discovery Services lab to run projects.

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The IsoFlux System is listed with US FDA as a Class I IVD. The IsoFlux CTC Enrichment Kits and all applications mentioned on this web site are for Research Use Only and not intended to treat or diagnose any disease.