The IsoFlux Guide to NGS for Blood Biopsies

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'The IsoFlux Guide to NGS for Blood Biopsies' is a free e-book that provides a comprehensive overview of the process to analyze CTCs using NGS. It provides useful information on:

  • Sample collection and handling
  • CTC Enrichment with multiple capture antibodies
  • Pre-analytical preparation
  • NGS 
  • Bioinformatic analysis
  • Getting started with blood biopsies



Getting started with blood-based circulating biomarker analysis has never been easier. Researchers have the option to bring the IsoFlux System into their own lab, or use Fluxion's Discovery Services lab to run projects.

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Bringing the power of NGS to circulating tumor cells 

The IsoFlux System enables somatic variant detection from circulating tumor cells (CTCs) obtained from a routine blood draw using the latest advances in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). The system enriches circulating tumor cells, or other rare circulating cells, from peripheral blood and prepares them for molecular analysis, including NGS, qPCR, FISH, and immunofluorescence. The resulting samples have the required tumor DNA content and purity to be used with the leading NGS content panels, ranging from 50 to 400 genes and thousands of variants. 

A breakthrough in performance for blood-based mutational profiling

  • High-sensitivity tumor cell capture

  • Tumor DNA purity above 10%

  • Validated variant filtering down to 1% allelic frequency



A solution designed to meet the demanding needs of your lab

  • Throughput up to 12 samples per day
  • Simple, benchtop design with touch screen
  • No external hook-ups or PC required
  • Reagent kits for seamless integration to NGS and related applications


The IsoFlux System is about more than just capturing and counting circulating tumor cells. It is the critical link that allows genomic information from tumor cells to be obtained from a routine blood draw. The IsoFlux System has become the premier platform for molecular profiling of CTCs:

  • High sensitivity of CTCs across many tumor types
  • Tumor cell purity above 10% to meet the demands of NGS
  • Simple to operate, benchtop design
  • Consumable kits and protocols for NGS, qPCR, and immunofluorescence microscopy

Learn more about IsoFlux technology and the systems/kits available for your research.



Blood samples enriched with the IsoFlux System have the requisite tumor cell load and purity to be compatible with the latest next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, including targeted hotspot cancer panels that can survey hundreds of genes and thousands of mutations. The IsoFlux NGS DNA Kit was designed specifically to prepare IsoFlux samples for NGS with seamless efficiency. 

Download the IsoFlux NGS DNA Kit Product Data Sheet

Download the IsoFlux NGS Application Note