Single-cell analysis of circulating tumor cells with the IsoFlux System

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Single-cell analysis is a powerful approach to examining tumor heterogeneity. Using circulating tumor cells (CTCs) enables this to be done from a routine blood draw at multiple time points and when tissue samples are not available.

Isolating single tumor cells from IsoFlux-enriched samples offers two compelling advantages: (1) the ability to analyze circulating tumor material at 100% purity, and (2) the ability to characterize each cell individually, obtaining a profile of the heterogeneity present in the tumor cell population. This application note presents validation results for two single-cell isolation methods, both using the IsoFlux as a necessary starting point for CTC enrichment.


  • Start with a high quality enrichment of CTCs
  • Easily collect single CTCs using validated protocols
  • Utilize manual or automated approaches
  • Analyze CTCs at the molecular level with high success rates