IsoFlux liquid biopsy Technology

The IsoFlux System is built around a proprietary microfluidic technology that facilitates high capture of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) with minimal white blood cell carry-over. The platform utilizes immunomagnetic capture methods that have been successfully employed for several decades. The antibody-based capture allows you to incorporate cocktails of antibodies targeted towards a variety of cell types (CTCs, cancer stem cells, immune cells, disease/marker-specific cells), without being limited to non-specific capture criteria such as size, deformability, or morphological parameters. Additionally, Fluxion has validated analytical NGS workflows on Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencers to enable complete liquid biopsy workflows- ready for implementation in your lab today.

Magnetic bead isolation

The IsoFlux System utilizes magnetic beads targeted towards antigens expressed on the cell surface. This approach enables applications that target specific cell subtypes such as CTCs, cancer stem cells, cells undergoing epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT), and more. 

When the blood sample is received, the red blood cells are removed (Ficoll) and the remaining monocyte fraction is coupled on a ROTATOR with the IsoFlux beads that have been functionalized with one or more types of antibodies (e.g. EpCAM, EGFR, HER2, N-cadherin, etc.).

Rare cell enrichment in the IsoFlux microfluidic cartridge

The sample, now mixed with magnetic beads, is loaded into the SAMPLE INLET well of the IsoFlux cartridge. These cartridges are sterile, single-use devices that contain microfluidic flow channels on the bottom surface. The sample will flow from the SAMPLE INLET to the CELL ISOLATION ZONE under pneumatic forces created by the instrument.


Advantages of microfluidic flow

The micron-scale channels of the IsoFlux cartridge bring the sample to the CELL ISOLATION ZONE in a highly-ordered, laminar flow profile. This allows the flow forces to be carefully balanced for optimal cell capture efficiency. 


Cell isolation zone

As the sample flows across the CELL ISOLATION ZONE, each cell comes in close proximity to the strong neodymium MAGNET that is selectively engaged by the instrument while the cartridge is in place. Cells that have even a single bead attached to them get pulled up to the top surface of the cartridge, while the unbound white blood cells continue in the flow path towards a waste well. The precisely-controlled flow profile facilitates high recovery of target cells with minimal white blood cell carry-over.


Go from sample to analysis faster than you ever thought possible.

The IsoFlux System was designed with a rapid and reliable workflow that minimizes hands-on time. Its sleek benchtop design fits easily into laboratories where space is limited.